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March 4, 2021  

Ki Tisa: The Only Thing We Have to Fear….

The story of the Golden Calf is a story of the dangers of acting out of fear. Our fears can bring out the worst in us, but they can also impel us to be our best. We quote the research of Dr. Kelly McGonigal about stress and wellness.

February 26, 2021  

Tetzaveh: Of Sweatpants and Spiritual Fulfilment

Have you been wearing sweatpants for the last 362 days? This week's parashah tells us how the ancient priests used to dress - with a lesson about ourselves, our clothing, spiritual lives, and our communities during Covid.

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February 19, 2021  

Terumah: So That I May Dwell Among You

The Torah instructs us to build a Temple - a place where God can "dwell." What happens during a pandemic when you can't gather in holy spaces anymore? Also our first video podcast!

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February 12, 2021  

Mishpatim: Our Responsibility for the Vulnerable

By reminding us that we were once slaves in Egypt, the Torah teaches that we are responsible to care for the vulnerable in society.


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February 5, 2021  

Yitro: Our Own Sinai Moments

Did God hand down 10 Commandments on stone tablets at Mount Sinai? When we stop reading the Torah so literally, we can see that it is actually about us and our own lives.


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January 28, 2021  

B’shallach: Taking the long way to the Promised Land

The Torah says that the Israelites took the long route through the wilderness to the Promised Land. A perfect metaphor for our own journeys.

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January 22, 2021  

Bo: Hardening Our Hearts; Opening our Minds

This week's parashah tells us that God "hardened Pharaoh's heart." It sounds like either a fairy tail or a weird/problematic rejection of free will. But it's actually a lesson about open-mindedness and what it takes to be our best selves.

Shout out to President Joe Biden, who quoted this portion in his inaugural address.

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January 15, 2021  

Va’era: Seeing Possibilities in Narrow Places

The Torah says that the Israelite slaves couldn't even conceive of the possibility of freedom. How did Moses help them believe things could be better? What can we learn from this for our own "narrow places" in life?


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January 8, 2021  

Sh’mot: Power for Power’s Sake

The Torah warns us about leaders who seek power simply for the sake of being in power, without regard for the good of the people. And it holds up Moses as an example of a different kind of lawmaker.

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December 31, 2020  

Vay’chi: Looking Backwards and Ahead

With the death of Jacob and the end of the book of Genesis, the Torah teaches about legacy, learning, and resilience.

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